Reps Nolan and LoBiondo Reestablish Lung Cancer Caucus

Apr 3, 2017

WASHINGTON D.C. - U.S. Reps Rick Nolan (D-MN) and Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ) today announced the reestablishment of their bipartisan Congressional Lung Cancer Caucus. Nolan spearheaded the effort to create the caucus after his youngest daughter, Katherine Nolan-Bensen, was diagnosed with Non-Smoking Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. LoBiondo has long been involved in raising lung cancer awareness following the deaths of his wife’s parents to the disease.

“Lung cancer is a terrible disease that has affected so many families, including my own,” Nolan said. “I am proud to stand with my colleagues in taking this important step toward improving understanding of lung cancer and eradicating the stigma that surrounds it.”

"Lung cancer is a devastating disease that impacts millions of individuals and their families each year. This issue is deeply personal to me and my wife Tina, who lost both of her parents to the disease. Working together with my colleagues, we seek to bring greater attention and support at large for more research and better treatments of lung cancer," LoBiondo said.

The caucus will continue to serve as a clearinghouse of information to aid Members of Congress in their understanding of the issues surrounding those who are living with and those who are at risk for lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in men and women, across every ethnic group and those who serve in the military. The Lung Cancer Caucus will help to educate and inform Members on issues specifically related to eliminating the stigma, reducing mortality, improving survivorship, furthering research and ensuring equitable access to preventive screening, treatments, diagnostics and testing.

Lung Cancer Alliance also praised the reestablishment of the Lung Cancer Caucus:

“Today marks another special day for the lung cancer community and we owe a big thank you to Congressmen Rick Nolan and Frank LoBiondo for making it a reality,” said Laurie Fenton Ambrose, President & CEO of Lung Cancer Alliance. “The re-establishment of the Congressional Lung Cancer Caucus in the 115th Congress by these leaders who have constantly showed compassion and support for our community gives further  hope that the needs of all those living with or at risk for lung cancer will not be overlooked or ignored. Lung Cancer Alliance looks forward to working closely in the days ahead with Congressman Nolan and LoBiondo as well as the entire Congress to ensure that health policy decisions benefit our entire community.” 

Lung Cancer Alliance is the oldest and leading non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and advancing research by empowering those living with and at risk for lung cancer.